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June 13, 2022 to 6:38 p.m.

Assembly of the women’s team in Region 1

The Spring Championships took place from 01/05 to 29/05/2022.

The Sanvignes Tennis Club has engaged 4 teams: 3 home teams and 1 women’s team.

The 3 men’s teams made good matches and they maintained their division:

→ Tools 1: 4 victory and a defeat they are ranked 2nd

→ Equipment 2: 3 wins and 1 defeat they rank 2nd

→ Equipment 3: 1 victory, 1 final and 2 nuls in classent 3ème.

The girls team: 4 wins and 1 zero

They moved to Talant, Varennes-Vauzelles, Le Creusot, Nancray and Gray.

Thanks to this performance, they are rising to regional BFC 1. They are at a scale below the pre-national.

Congratulations: this is the first time a women’s team has reached this level at the Sanvignes club

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