Russell Westbrook trade? The offer is available for the Lakers!

Tandis que Darvin Ham compte sur lui la saison prochaine, Russell Westbrook has not yet managed some to continue his adventure at the Cité des Anges, and 100% in any case. The reason? His contract, but also the possibility of a trade. If the Lakers are jealous, an offer is available for the market, history to send the leader elsewhere.

Without any surprise, Russell Westbrook watch the most debates among the current Lakers players. To leave? Will you leave? It will lead to an extension of one year for the leader, who will have to activate his option within two weeks to come officially. At the same time, this announcement will not surprise anyone, as it will allow the interested party to touch nearly $ 47 million this season: an amount that is hardly negligible.

So everyone believes that Brodie will be a Laker next year, even if some doubts remain. The main reason? A trade. The new coach, Darvin Ham, a beau compter sur la star pour la rentrée, qui aura lieu en septembre, the front office is not a generation pas to change the player if the right opportunity presents itself. The perfect screenplay for Rob Pelinka? Westbrook switch without additional counterpart release, at least to recover the weight.

Russell Westbrook swapped against another leader?

Do you have a date with the surveiller de près? Possibly the draft, where the Angelinos will go into action to sign a new prospect. Subsequently, the opening of free agency, with a Russ who could be exchanged at any moment. The trader is simple, finding an interesting offer is another thing. According to Marc Stein, in his last article, the Rockets are interested, but only on one condition.

A trade between John Wall and Russell Westbrook has been in the pipes for months. The Rockets insisted on the fact that no matter what trade between the two players should include draft tours and include the Los Angeles side. The Lakers, who don’t have many picks for years to come, have resisted this urge right now.

In a reminder that the Lakers are not yet a big choice in the coffers, the fault is notamment or trade d’Anthony Davis. The next first round? In the next 2027, the front office is entertaining time. The franchise ruined its near future to try to win the title, but compromising on the long term from today would probably be a big mistake.

Unless he changes position, it is still very unlikely to see such a move. Stone also confirms, since Pourpre and Or will do nothing for Westbrook:

The Los Angeles Lakers have not yet been the intention of Russell Westbrook’s trade force, unsuccessful in supplements.

The Lakers are not contributing to businessman Russell Westbrook, the Rockets have potential intéressés. Was this a change? This becomes very unlikely. Angelinos fans will have to prepare to see Brodie back, hoping for a better season.

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