Rugby XV – The Shield for the Narbon Crabs!

He would have had to wait the last ten minutes to know the denial of this final, and at the end of the day it was RCN who was the champion (20-16).

A match won on the field, the Crabos proved it this Sunday by sending out for 70 minutes to take down the favorite on paper, the Biarritz Olympics.

Of course, it had a bad start because from the moment, on a balloon kept on the ground, the Biarrots would seek the penalty, well mastered by Sanderson. On the carry -on balloon, the Narbonnais take the blame. On the mound that follows, the ball is discarded, it is Zolezzi who goes to lady for the transformed test. The “orange and black” will then launch the offensive by Barley who pulls the defensive curtain and pushes the Basques to the wrong. Gomez transforms. On the return kick, Barbaste will put up an 80-meter kick for the 50-22. Unfortunately the balloon carried by Coussinoux fell in front of the line.

Racing leaves munitions on touch launchers, not right. Fortunately, they win a lot of balls on opposing launchers and make the law a mess. On the 28th, the hill Boumlil crashes and inflicts damage on the ground. On the penalty spot, the genius strike will come from Labit, with a prize of its own, which will be found internally launched like a Delacruz obus for the test. At the end of the first act, a biarrote penalty puts the teams on an equal footing: 10 to 10.

These RCN crabs are cute

From the recap, the Narbonnais announce the color. Boumlil through the curtain, he fixes but a clamp prevents the action from intercepting. A yellow card saves the Basques. On a mixed fault, the excellent rear of the BO recouped the advantage. Biarritz launches numerous attacks but the narcotics defense, pressing, pushes on numerous faults. In the 55th, Barbaste wins the big game, he makes a big draw and finds Coussinoux handy to score (15-13). Unfortunately, short-term advantage because on a high plateau, the Basques are back on foot (16-15). The end of the match will be proving, the leading narbonnais will pilot and get two penalties in the ropes. The bank calls the three points, the young people just put it on their heads and they will be rewarded. Once Labit takes the lead, Delacruz’s third run will be good: 20-16, Racing will win a well -deserved title. Captain Grégoire Labit: “We can be proud of the season, someone believed in us. We proved that we were there. This championship corresponded to us, Biarritz is a very strong team, we knew it from the start. We put all the ingredients so that It goes. All boys deserve it and we’re going to celebrate it as we should. “

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