Rugby XV: the French championship gives wings to the Audois

The clubs in the department blew the whistle! This Sunday, they will be five, from the Honors in the 4th series, to battle it out in the French championship. “C’est une embellie extraordinaire”, commented Alain Palausse, the president of the departmental committee.

When the hereditary neighbors count only one representative (Sète, in Honor) and that the Catalans are the only two teams still in the race (Millas, in the second series, and the Côte Vermeille, in the fourth series), the Audois, them, pump the torches. As much as it is said and written next, it is a beautiful streak that one has never seen so dynamic in departmental rugby, with at least five clubs represented in the semi-finals and quarter-finals of the championship. from France, nothing but that. In Honor, the Sigean-La Nouvelle Union will challenge Le Lardin in the quarterfinals (in Séverac-d’-Aveyron); in Promotion Honneur, Fleury-Salles-Coursan will meet in the quarterfinals of Naves-Lagraulière in Bressols; in the 1st series, Olonzac, commune of Herault, but a member of the committee of the Aude de rugby XV, will play his quarter -final against Excideuil, in Gaillac; in the last square of the 3rd and 4th series, we will find Canet-d’Aude against Narrosse in Montesquieu-Volvestre and the Plateau de Sault, which is in Aude, but which is not attached to the departmental committee (at ‘opposite of Olonzac, therefore) will be opposed to Theze, in Montréjean.

This Sunday, the A61, which connects Narbonne to Toulouse, will therefore be a nice and well -prize to be hit by department buses and by a riot of loud supporters. Sign of this embellishment, “The concentration of the clubs audible in the final phase makes it difficult, last weekend, to find terrains because our clubs are still running and, as everyone is moving, what is normal, they can’t afford to host a final match “confie Alain Palausse, the president “heu-reux”of the committee.

“These are clubs that have charisma”

This presence “impressive” in the last square, or in the quarterfinals of “France”, it explains “by the work that clubs do, with teams that have charm. The contribution of technical advisors also gives a sacred hand. As for the coaching, it is good, whether in Olonzac, in Fleury, with the contribution of young people who are growing and bringing a certain dynamic “CD president’s comment 11.

A euphoria that never stops with series clubs. In Federal 2 and 3, recall that of the four clubs engaged this season, three could climb to the top level in the next exercise after being passed through dam matches. This has already happened for Gruissan and Castelnaudary, who will play in Federal 1. For Leucate, the verdict will fall on Sunday in the 17th hour after their match against Canton d’Alban (defeated 26-25 to go)

That’s where Aude, its Federal clubs and series, take to the forefront of the stage this June. What happiness!

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