Rugby XV: Okitanie champions, RCML cadets received Chapter heroes

The young players brought the cup home this Saturday. The first since seven years.

Report “le bout de bois” on the day of his club’s party? The cadets of Rugby club Mende Lozère (RCML) did it. Winners (15-14) of the Rabastens Couffouleux Athletic Stadium (Tarn), on June 11, in an electric final played in the Tarn, the players of Dominique Martelli are the Occitanie champions.

The first title of the RCML (all mixed categories) after seven years of dissolution. The president of the club, Laurent Pradier, confirmed that “versé sa petite larmichette“in learning the news, he who had not yet known this joy. The young players (aged 15 to 17) were welcomed like heroes, the night of their victory, while the world of opium prepared the club party on the Chapter complex.

It’s true that it went well “, pleaded the President Pradier. It is useless to say that the third mi-tempo was” terrible “on the side of the Chapter.

The cadets presented their trophies…

The cut at home

This is a huge pride for the club, the players and all the educatorscommented one of the team’s coaches, Dominique Martelli. Young people deserve it. They worked hard all season. They were always present, no matter the weather. “All the time present, but within an effective yet little provided.

The cadets were crowned Occitan champions after matches played at 10 to 10 (rugby is traditionally played at XV, XIII or VII). Anyway, the RCML cadets brought the cup home, under a banner of honor and the acclaim of their supporters. The opium was mad.

… After having been welcomed under a banner of honor.

… After having been welcomed under a banner of honor.

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