Rugby XV – Leucate in Federal 2: Yann Ecochard “couldn’t have dreamed of a better end”

Yann, are you happy tonight (yesterday evening, ndlr)?

Sa isang réussi à atteindre notre goalif! Yes, I am happy to end like that.

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. A match and about, mais sinon je vis un super moment. It’s beautiful!

Leucate even when he was bad to end his match, right?

We had a lot of injuries (18, ed.). Opposite, they were players and us, a little heavy. We knew that in the end, it would be complicated. We did what we did not succeed in doing against Grenade. In the meantime, we play cache balloons. This is positive.

So, is this really your last match?

(Laughs) Yes, this is my last. I have two beautiful children. I work a lot. I also gave a lot to this sport and on Sundays, I wanted maintenance of family life and then physically it still goes, but psychologically it starts to bite and I wanted to end well and not make the season of too much.

What hot look do you have on your career?

I have had many chances to play on good teams (RCN, Millau, Gruissan, Agde et Leucate, ed.)not to hurt me too much, to live good times with friends (not sure are venus in name notamment de Millau, ndlr). All my friends are there today to support me. It’s very moving.

What do you tell your teammates for next season?

Good opportunity! I will come to see and follow them. There are no worries. This is a club that has its doors open to me. This is a club that will stay in my heart forever since it is the last.

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