Rugby XV: Leucate in Federal 2, USP and Olonzac in semi-finals, Canet-d’Aude in final

That’s it, Leucate will develop next season in Federal 2. For USP, Olonzac and Canet-d’Aude, the adventure of the French championship continues! On the other hand, it ends for the Plateau of Sault.

Federal 3. Sporting de Leucate will evolve into Federal 2 next season thanks to its victory this Sunday afternoon against Canton-d’Alban, 25-20.

En Honneurit goes for Union Sigean La Nouvelle, which qualifies for the semi-finals, after its beautiful victory over Le Lardin 38-19.

En PH, we still have to wait for the Fleury-Salles-Coursan Entrance. His quarter-final against Naves-Lagraulière began at 4 p.m. Audios say for now 18 to 10.

En 1st series, it also goes for OIonzac against the Upper Perigord. Victor 22 to 11.

En 3e series, it goes for AS Canet who are leading in the semi-finals largely against Narrosse, 30 to 12. The Auditions were led 12 to 10 at the break! He hit Pena XV at last.

En 4th seriesthe beautiful adventure of the Plateau de Sault stopped in Montréjean after a short 35-33 loss against Thèze.

Finally, the Crabs of RC Narbonnais prevails in the final of the Challenge against Biarritz 20-16.

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