Rugby XV – 3rd series, semi -final: Sensational, AS Canet offers a second final!

Defeated by two points at the break (10-12), the Canétois waited for the final quarter to break free and thus offer a second final this season (30-12). Next week, the Audois will play the title against the Tarnais of Pena XV.

After an already successful season, with an Occitan title, AS Canet did not want to stop at the door of a French championship final. And as if to send a message to their players, dozens of supporters, present at the edge of the field, chanted the famous “beautiful adventure”, of a certain Patrick Sébastien. By the time the message was heard, since after an intense 80 minutes, the Canetians offered a second final by beating Narrosse (30-12). Even before the strike, in the stands, the name of the first qualifier for the final was on all fronts. And these are the Tarnais of Pena XV who will present themselves in front of the Audois for the prestigious title of the 3rd series.

One last quarter of crazy for a final

Under the eyes of Coco Lindelauf (international with the women’s XV) and under a scorching heat, it is Canet that will start strong. At the end of a long action, the “blue and pink” backyard, intertwined at the end of the line, retrieves the balloon acrobatically and flattened the first try of the afternoon (5-0, 7th). But on the return, Narrosse retrieves the ball and the center ends in a lady to reclaim the score (5-5, 9th). The Canet striker rates a penalty, while his team continues to send the game. Except on Narrosse’s first real action, the Landais will manage to cross the goal line a second time (5-12, 24th). Ibuhos ang tita, Canet ne se laisse pas abattre et retrouve la possession. Behind a penalty, it is the second line that falls to ladies to precede the fourth attempt of the encounter (10-12, 33rd).

AS Canet returns with best intentions and Treig rewards his team with three new points (13-12, 49th). That’s when Narrosse will pass 20 minutes to 14 and the Audois will take advantage. First on a counter-attack of more than 50 meters where Puech is very close to the test. And the situation will change twice. Behind a Croux fence, Fellous is on the brink to make the break. Canet takes 8 points ahead (20-12, 64th). And on the return, Canet removes a layer. On a slam dunk, Treig’s back is off and he’s going to apply for the fourth test (27-12, 66th). “Here here, it’s Canet” now reverberated everywhere in the stands and the supporters exulting. Please add three more points to put the cherries on the cake and perfect its serving. So we can play a second final this season. Sensational!

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