Rugby XV – 2nd series, quarterfinals: Easy, Millas offer one round

This Sunday, in Rieumes (Haute-Garonne), US Millas won its quarter-final of the French Championships against Union Rugby Gascon, 32-3. Place at RC Rougier (Aveyron) in the semi-finals.

“Marking a test too quickly, it really put us in confidence I think. In action, Jérémy Le Gal rises, redescending while I arrive as a relay. And I mark. This combination has been working since the beginning of the season. “She paid a few times and she posted today.” That’s the essay, c’est celui de Jordi Enrique. Writing in the 8th minute, it allows Millas to perfectly launch their quarter-final against Union Gascon Rugby and take the lead, 7-0. In the meantime, the risk of resting on its laurels and on a good start to the party is nice and well present. Yet, there is nothing. Within 21 minutes, Jérémy Le Gal just gave a little more advance to the minds by taking the score to 12, then 14 to 0. Millas asphyxia his opponent girondin on the lawn of Rieumes, in Haute-Garonne. If the pitch is the same as in the 8th final against Ciboure, there are already two weeks, the scenario that seems to be drawn at this moment is absolutely different.

Ibuhos ang rappel, during this confrontation between Catalans and Basques, the encounter went to extensions. Until the last minutes of the meeting, no one could tell which of the two formations would have left her with the ticket for the quarters in her pocket. USM was finally out of business with a score of 20 to 13.

“In an été parfait”

For her return to highland, the woman seems different. Pay attention to them on specific paths, note in the discipline plan. But this time, made up of nearly 200 supporters who made the bus trip, this team has no reason to doubt. And besides, she doesn’t do it. “ I am proud of my players and the state of mind they have shown. In an été parfait “, was reunited with Christophe Pérez, the club’s coach. Within minutes, Millas could take his lead to 21-3 in the second half.

The return of the costumes marks the turning point for Union Gascon Rugby. In effet, Joffrey Amrani planted in an essay in the 41e minute. At least one can say that the effectiveness is surgical. The Girondins are no more. The end of the match therefore allows the coach to turn his best to keep his frame in view of next week’s crucial rendezvous. “It was important to manage my effectiveness, because I opened up quickly. I think we had an exceptional end -to -end management.”

A whole group is advancing in the same sense and it is happening. Players, supporters, directors, and even bus drivers all aim for the same goal, even though they can’t really take full advantage of it yet. There remains a preliminary stage: the demon against Rougier, next Sunday, very certainly in Herault. “We are at 80 minutes of a national final”, says “Pepe” Pérez to his players at the end of yesterday’s match. Going for this final when Millas has not participated in at least one final since 2008 would be a retaining achievement.

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