Rugby World Cup VII: everything is ready in Agen for the big party

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Organized in Agen, the 7th Military Rugby World Cup promises to be a big show. Representatives of each delegation met today at the city hall for a press conference to present the event.

Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Australia, Spain, Georgia, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Côte d’Ivoire… They are exactly ten to claim the title of World Rugby VII. A major event is taking place throughout the weekend in Agen, with the launch taking place tomorrow night, at 7pm in Armandie, for the opening ceremony. Meeting this afternoon at the town hall, representatives of the various delegations were welcomed by the municipal teams, starting with Alain Klajman, deputy for sports. “I am very happy to be able to work on this project with the 48th RT. We are very happy to welcome you to Agen, on rugby ground. Welcome everyone and I wish you a super world championship! »

“Good game!»

The first animations linked to this event will take place tomorrow. From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., the inaugural presentation of the Recovery Trailer, a special physical recovery truck for high -level athletes, will take place, designed by former SUA host Marc Barthomeuf. A wheelchair rugby activity will also be offered by the injured Armies, Wilson Place, from 2pm to 4pm.

Picture Morad Cherchari – MORAD CHERCHARI

Everything, before the opening ceremony, tomorrow night. “We are very happy to make this World Cup for several reasons. Rugby à VII is a magnifique sport. You will also be the first to thrive on the new Armandie Stadium, and it is an event, ”said the mayor, Jean Dionis, very happy to receive an event from such a performer in Lot-et-Garonne. “It’s very nice to have this World Cup. As a rugby city, we are very happy to welcome you. And it will be even better if France wins. Don’t miss anything to the English. Good game! »

To succeed in this mission, the French delegation will be preparing for several days. But the task is far from simple. No impression confirmed by general Arnaud Dupuy de La Grand’rive, commissaire aux sports militaires. “In August 2023, in Britain, the XV Military Rugby World Cup will take place. Sa is in the process of preparing for this appointment, and it starts today at Agen. An appointment not to be missed, in a place renowned for French rugby. “There is nothing better than Agen. We welcome them to the heart of French rugby. »But don’t you fool. This World Cup, far from the result, promises to be a big show. “The goal this weekend is to allow the population to attend a very good match. Rugby à VII is the rugby of athletes, of movement and speed. And if we can win, in preference to the English, it will be even better, ”laughs General Arnaud Dupuy of La Grand’rive. For that, the Bleus will have to make their entry into the competition tomorrow. But that, we will return…

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