Rugby. USEP will never be abandoned –

USEP 22-Bon Encontre 16 APrès extension

À Villeneuve-de-Marsan. End of regular time: 16-16. MT 6-7.

Referee: M. Loic Frayssinet (New Aquitaine)

Pour L’USEP: 1 E Sallier (80), 1 T Dumont (80), 5 P Dumont (21, 31, 73, 90, 95)

Pour Bon-Encontre: 1 E Morlay (38), 1 T Tressens (38), 3 P Tressens (50, 56, 65) The USEP: Dumont; Arroyo, Caillabet, Barats, Cazaux; (o) Lacaze; (m) Lacrouts; Broueil Nogue, Chabat, Labernadie (cap); Carpy, Latapie; Laban, Almendro, Gailhanou.

Entered into the game: Lestrade, Fontaine, Skaly, Sorbet, Sallier, Goua de Baix, Cazenave.

Bon-Encontre Boe: Iachemet; Dagieux, Verzegnassi, Salles, Cristofoli; (o) Tressens; (m) Thimothée; Djebablah, Sarrade, Auzie; Gazel, Lachaud; Radaelli, Morlay, Pottier (cap.).

Entered into the game: Verdier, Philippot, Lapoujade, De Nadai, Boué, Medal, Charrier.

Yellow cartons: Gazel (17), Morlay (20).

Ibuhos ang départager les deux teams il a had to recours aux prolongations; mais qui l’aurait cru quand à 7 minutes for Bon-Encontre with 10 points. But lo and behold, it was bad to know the USEP guys who never aborted.

Debut encounter in front of the Lot-et-Garonnais who could have opened the brand if they had not made the choice to play a 5-meter hand penalty against the poles and they did not stand not afraid of an iron defense of the men of the plateau.

Then USEP will show up in its dangerous tour at Dumont there to take advantage of adverse discipline at the two yellow cartons taken by Gazet and Morlay to give 6 points ahead to the scientists. As we enjoyed the last minutes of this first mi-temps the Bon-Encontre players recovered a balloon on adverse introduction and after a volley of their forwards their talonneur Morlay went to the lady. Considering the effect of galvanizing the Lot-et-Garonnais who then dominated the largest part of the second period and who then detached the score thanks to the success of their striker Tressens in 3 rebounds.

The remodeling of the USEP

It only took more than 7 minutes to play and very few people would have put a piece on the USEP, however Dumont first made a 35 -meter fly and then just enjoyed the stops of the game the half of Sallier’s melody had replaced Lacrouts managed to go through a mouse hole to allow his team to play overtime.

Transcended after being two fingers away from elimination the USEP guys first created a nice test opportunity after a progression of their advances over 40 meters which unfortunately ended with an advance in the ‘en-but contrary.

Dumont assomme Bon-Encontre

Then just before the end of the first half-hour of the extension Dumont a master kick from 45 meters around allowed the scouts to go head-to-head with the score.

The second period will be entirely to the advantage of the men of the plateau much more expensive than the Lot and Garonnais and it is therefore very logical that Dumont this time the 40 meters will give them the blow of grace.

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