RUGBY. Toulouse – La Rochelle: Stade Toulousain qualifies for the demi -finale, follow the match de barrage directly

DIRECT. Toulouse – La Rochelle. Clinique à défaut d’être emballant, ang Stade Toulousain fait tomber at rival rochelais at file sa demi-finale o il retrouvera Castres. The French champion remains in the race for his own succession.

23:04 – Castres on program

Victorieux de La Rochelle, Toulouse already knows his opponent in the semi-finals. This is Castres, who finished first of the regular season and who was free of dams. The two teams will meet next week in Nice for a place in the Top 14 final.

23:01 – Toulouse advance to semi -finals!

During the match with the aura mastered from end to end due to its realism and defensive intensity, the Stade Toulousain qualified for the semi-finals of the Top 14. The champions of France took advantage of the least opportunity and the Rochelais tried too hard. to hope better.

22:58 – Favre pour l’honneur

On a late strike, Favre had just concluded the offensive movement rocked under the poles. West turns a drop but the siren holds back and La Rochelle will tilt for nothing (33-28).

22:57 – Successful transformation

West faces no problems to succeed in his transformation (33-14).

22:54 – Essai de Bourgarit!

Fast forward to a penalty, Bourgarit fired his defender and in two times managed to apply. Rochelle scored her 3rd try of the sugar in this Top 14 barrier 2 minutes into the end of the match (33-19).

22:53 – Pour l’honneur

The Rochelais know they have lost and will see their historic season end tonight as well, they give it all in these last moments to save the honor. The European champions are in the 22 meters toulousains provoking the opponent’s fouls.

22:51 – Changes in Deux nouveaux

Just after his successful transformation, Ramos rules the bench and leaves his place to the young baby Epée. A few moments later, on the rock side, Alldritt came out headlong in favor of Bourgarit, to send again to the front.

22:50 – Toulouse lost only two

Toulouse have lost only twice this season at home in the Top 14. Two consecutive losses against Racing 92 (15-20) at Stade Français (28-29), end of January and mi-February.

22:49 – Dulin chased by touch

Sazy perceives left in wing position but late support and the Toulousains recover. The balloon is dropped in the left corner. Dulin covers but is chased by Lebel who touches him at 5 meters.

22:46 – Ramos transforms

This time, Thomas Ramos did not give up the opportunity to block the score and succeed in the close transformation (33-14).

22:45 – Essays by Ntamack!

The test that makes it bad. While the Rochelais tried to make the effort but in an awkward way, Ntamack had just signed a fourth test for Toulouse. After a prize in the waters of Flament, Tolofua makes a pass on the fly as it breaks through the rocking defensive line. Ntamack comes in support from the inside and concludes this clean action (31-14).

22:43 – Ramos rates the penalty

Stepping to the right, Ramos can’t find the light and sends his balloon to the side of the poles. Sa en reste à 26-14 à un peu at 10 minutes ng la fin du match.

22:41 – Changes in Trois nouveaux

The shocks are more and more numerous and violent in this last part of the dam between Toulouse and La Rochelle. organisms begin to accuse the blow in the image of Fouyssac, a cluster of cramps. The center takes its place in Germain. At the same time, Elstadt is back in play in place of Rory Arnold. Finally, Liebenberg left the field and was replaced by Bourdeau.

22:39 – A defeat for La Rochelle

Rochelle has lost just one of their last 11 matches in all mixed competitions. It was last April 30 against Toulouse, Ernest-Wallon.

22:38 – Second failure for Ramos

Thomas Ramos is not successful. Completely offset on the right side of the field, at 30 meters, the high scorer crosses too much of his temptation and sees the ball drive the posts to the left (26-14).


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