RUGBY. TOP 14. Matthias Haddad, the glitter rocking in front of Galthié’s eyes

He had good reason to see. Pour the reason, Fabien Galthié and his staff were present at the tribune on the Toulouse side. A visit that was not courteous, but good for business. In the selector’s small papers, the Matthias Haddad dossier had to offer well. Pressing to be part of the list of Bleus expected in Japan, the young Rochelais made a very convincing performance against Toulouse. A native of La Rochelle, the Maritimes plan to have a UFO 100% Atlantic terrain. Although he has also lived in Brittany, it is well in the yellow and black that it all started for him at the age of 6 years. Vainqueur de la Coupe d’Europe and champion du monde U20 in 2019, it has not yet ended with s’arrêter. He would not be too interested in preparing for his vacation as soon as possible, as he could very well receive a plane ticket to Asia in the coming days.RUGBY. Team from France. Haddad, Tolofua, Le Garrec, these tricolor talents at Galthié’s vision

Facing Toulouse this Saturday, June 11, he has done more (12) handball races than any Toulouse has done. Electrically, the third line even tried to make its support several times despite its 92 meter. A daring that he succeeded since he beat 5 defenders and cut more than 50 meters with leather that night. At the point of discipline, the 21 -year -old player was irreproachable for an encounter at this level. In a cross -examination for the media Without filter, Romain Sazy made the portrait of his young co -worker. Veteran Rochelais declared: “Matthias is a boy who is full of envy, spontaneous. He gives a lot, he doesn’t economize. That’s the quality of a good rugby player, give it all, that’s the main thing.Dupont, Haddad, le public, ce Toulouse/La Rochelle at passionné les supporters sa TwitterDupont, Haddad, le public, ce Toulouse/La Rochelle at passionné les supporters sa Twitter

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