RUGBY – Timothée Gentien: “Friends in the 200 best French clubs, it’s the least of things”

Author of the winning trial at Maisons-Laffitte that largely contributed to propelling the RCA to Federal 2, Timothée Gentien, the club’s third wing line-up, returns to this match and on the climb.

What does it take to be in Federal 2?

It’s something amazing! This has been our goal since the beginning, we have been working on that since the beginning of the season. It took 26 weekends where we got everything together with the team to get there. This is something unbelievable! It doesn’t count well yet…

Are you aware that RCA is currently one of the 200 best French clubs and that you will return to a semi-professional world?

I think for a city like Amiens, it’s the least of the 200 best French clubs. It is important in a metropolis of our size to have an ambitious rugby club as the RCA can be. His conscience that the level is still rising a bit and that we will play against teams made up of more and more guys who do just that. After that, we also have players in this case, especially our foreigners who help us greatly and help to make the club grow.

What makes you somehow one of the “heroes” of the match?

It would be very pleasing to be able to sign this last decisive essay. But if the taf hadn’t been done before by my co -workers, this test wouldn’t have been of any value. This is before all the work of a team that has nothing left to go looking for access.

After my testing and transformation, we didn’t know it was over!

On this last action, do you know that it took a little while?

Hindi, we didn’t know much about the time it was left because there was no time displayed. We were aware that nothing much remained, but it was all. Besides, when Clément Bamière was transformed, we did not know that behind it was the end or what would have happened if the transformation had not passed. pas (ndlr: the two teams were perfectly equal in both matches). It’s a bit of a moment of uncertainty before an explosion of joy!

You can come back to this last action, while your teammate Clément Bamière told us about his successful transformation…

There is a ruck 1 meter from their line, we know he will unload directly without having to pass. Their number 9 did very well, but there, it was their 13 who took the game to their feet. I tell him I have to try and I throw my arms forward to resist. J’y parviens et derrière, the rebound is favorable to allow me to apply around. This is the most important test I have ever written!

You have rather had a “finisher” role this season, how do you get ahead?

Yes, I have been replaced more often. This is never obvious because it has to be performed only for a few minutes, but it can be decisive. You come back in often hot moments to make a bump a little ungrateful. It’s part of the job and you have to succeed in getting rid of it immediately. You are expensive, others are not, you have to know to take advantage of both sides of the field. It is often more difficult to get back into the game than to start the game. You always want to play more, but it’s part of the job of getting out of the bank.

Does it make you want to continue in Federal 2?

Yes, I want to continue and I will do everything to continue to be part of the party next year. It will be even more difficult but after having benefited well, good preparation will be made to arrive in the best conditions for recovery.

Aurélien Finet
Photo Credit: Kevin Devigne – Sports Gazette

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