Rugby. The rugby players marched on the water at La Trinité-sur-Mer-Rugby

In Brittany, Beach Rugby was already known. But the region discovered sea rugby this weekend, faster. Nothing to see with little known but true subaquatic rugby, appeared in the 60s in Western Germany and developed by the Scandinavians. This other funny idea came this time from the south of France, where former French international Yann Delaigue and his friends had already imagined his winter breakout: snow rugby and his “Tournament of the 6 Stations”.

(Photo Mathieu Pélicart)

Spoiler: no, rugby players aren’t walking on the water yet. They play on a barge of 40 by 35 meters, collected from a synthetic turf framed by two rugby poles for the symbol. For here the aim and the touch are found directly in the water, which gives place to beautiful diving. In Trinité-sur-Mer, the scene was set at the bottom of the old port, with views of the Loïc-Caradec mole and terraces. Guaranteed show, modern and sporty version of Intervilles and nautical games.

From rugby to 5 with diving

He made it beautiful, he made it hot. And the Legionnaires who came from Breton clubs (Auray, Plabennec) and others (Anglet, Marcq-en-Barœul), amateurs, but also professionals or ex for some, did not pray to take a dip in the water. throughout the weekend. A well-watered weekend, like the tradition of summer tournaments and other beach sports. “It’s a pleasure to meet in a good atmosphere with the youth of the club at the end of the season,” concluded Régis Loubery, former RC Vannes (Pro D2) manager and now coach of the Uray Rugby Club ( Federal 3). “I have never played, but I know the Toulouse tournament of reputation and these are the rules of 5 -a -side rugby that are offered to the club.” A touch rugby, without contact or plating, developed by the Federation to attract new practitioners.

The old port of La Trinité-sur-Mer (Morbihan) is hosting the first sea rugby tournament organized in Brittany this weekend.
(Photo Mathieu Pélicart)

“Develop the rugby spirit”

The potato humor of the rugby men and their “faces of honor” was not necessarily to the taste of some natives of Mecca by the sail, better known for its racing boats and its port of pleasure. But there was in the world in any case to stop watching this premiere in Brittany in La Trinité to take advantage of the animations offered around. A success for organizer Thomas Richard, director of communications agency Décalage Horaire, who does not intend to stay there: “There will be other sea rugby tournaments in Trinidad, that is for sure, and maybe -to be in other Breton ports. I saw joy and smiles, and this kind of event also helps to develop the rugby spirit in Brittany. ”

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