Rugby – Series 2: The adventure ends in the quarterfinals for the brave Capelains

the essential
Lacapelle-Biron is inclined this Sunday in the quarterfinals of the 2nd Series French Championship against RC Rougier (Aveyron).

Yet, on the beautiful lawn of Bressols, interspersed with the love songs of the neighboring travel community, everyone was gathered for a happy match. But at the end of a hard, tight, rugged part, the young Capelians, who wore a new bright jersey, could not contain the power, confidence and highly experienced RC Rougier in red.

A fight still ensues. Lacapelle wants to put her live game in place, can equalize but let it pass its chance. She runs after the score. This ungrateful struggle is dominated by the aggressive Camarès who are imposing, driven by the devastation of its public and aided by the maladresses and the impeccable touches of the ASC, which confuses it in its power.

Lacapelle rebels little by little, finds herself, takes initiatives, yet is blocked by monolithic players who give a first try. The RCR plays its conquering game, even if it often sets foot on the ground. L’ASC, in an extreme vaillance, sent that it is possible, mais le RCR accélère au bon moment at prend le large. Even if you need an exploit, exploits, everyone believes, everyone knows the fluctuating relays, the intuition of the ASC, its fighting spirit that will work wonders at the end of the match. In vain.

Yet this test of honor makes the red and white people proud, who thank in singing, all in consolation, its promising young troupe of this wonderful season.

Lacapelle-Biron 10-RC Rougier 26

MT: 3-13.

Referee: Matthieu Flores

Score evolution: 0-3, 0-6, 0-13, 3-13; 3-20, 3-23, 3-26, 10-26.

Winners: 2 E Castan (37, 71); 2 T Castan; 4 P Castan (2, 27, 69, 71).

Vaincus: 1 E Caron (80); 1 T B. Marchoux; 1 P B. Marchoux (39).

LACAPELLE-BIRON: Cayssillé; Bonnifon, Malby, Caminade, Ferracin; (o) B. Marchoux, (m) C. Noninck; Martinet, Jones, Gouyou (cap); Laffon, Villa; Setze, Gilis, Cossu. Enters in the game: Caron, Ruddick, Gauthier, Cabannes, Dastic, Meytadier, B. Lespine.

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