Rugby: Richard Pioch named first team coach alongside Jérôme Broseta

New in the Ruthenian staff. Jérôme Broseta, Rodez rugby coach for the last three seasons, will now team up with Richard Pioch. The latter was in fact named co-coach, so he took care of the bloody juniors and or during the high school season.

The remaniement has been an initiative of Patrick Furet, the club’s new manager. “The goal was to make new pairs of coaches on several teams, from the rugby school to seniors, he explains. After a while, speeches can be eroded, this can give a new dimension. “

In the logic of promoting training

Besides the fact of “support the living forces of the club”, as the manager pointed out, Richard Pioch’s choice presents several advantages. He responds indeed to the will of the ruthless leaders to put on local training, since it is occupied by juniors, the coach has already under his orders some of the potential future members of the fanion team.

“In addition, next season, the juniors in the third year will compete with the senior group, so that they can survive and be able to evolve faster with the seniors.strange Patrick Furet. We have the will to train players to feed the first team better. “

Federal Objectives 3

Richard Pioch’s nomination alongside Jérôme Broseta allows in addition to reconstitute a duo that has already worked together. The two men have already worked with several youth teams at the Rodez Aveyron Stadium. They are also crossed over to the head of Lévézou Ségala, in Fédérale 2, since Pioch, associated with Alexandre De Barros, succeeded Broseta with his partner Claude Larroque, in 2018.

“The fact that they have evolved together can allow things to speed up”support Patrick Furet. “I know it’s someone with whom I can work very well”Broseta commented.

In blood and blood orders since 2019, the latter is otherwise recognized “would like to accompany the club to Federal 3 before handing over”. The promotion at the end of the 2022-2023 season is moreover the objective set by the new general manager. It remains to be seen if the duo of coaches will be on the verge of overcoming this challenge.

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