Rugby. Promoted in Nationale 2, Limoges announces 8 recruits, including an ex-Baby Black

Former New Zealand U20 international Teddy Stanaway has signed with USA Limoges. (© Icon Sport)

5e of the hen 1 of Federal 1 this season, the US Limoges had to pass through an access barrier in front of Mauléon to get his ticket for the Pambansa 2. In a weak ballot after a losing streak to the Basque Country (20-6), the Limougeauds managed to make up for their delay in the return match (30-13, cumulative score 36-33) to offer a lift to the ‘upper echelon.

L ‘Usal thus saved an exercise that was however badly embarked, since both coaches Thomas Masurel and Cyrille Batoux were defeated after only two days of championship, replaced more than a month later by Adrien Buononato (45 years old, ex-PUC, Stade Français, Racing 92, Oyonnax and Soyaux-Angoulême), and the limougeaud club had also been sheltered, over the course of the season, by accusations of racism perpetrated by an adverse team.

Young talents and experience support

In order not to recognize a new delay in burning to start on a good footing from the beginning of next season, the club of Haute-Vienne is therefore very active in the transfer market, since it has already been announced 8 recuesa good mix of young talents and elements of experience.

Thus the half -opening or rear promoter is found Fouad Boulaghrifa (20 years), passed through the training centers of Agen and Brive, and who made the happiness of Marmande (Federal 1) since last summer or the Italian U28 international backyard, Luca Gruttadauria (20 years old) who landed Des Espoirs de Nevers. And figure too Teddy Stanaway-Teo (32 years old), a center that was the U20 world champion with New Zealand in 2009 and then internationally to 7 New Zealanders (41 selections), before bourlinguer in France, on the coast of Oyonnax, La Rochelle, Floirac and Tarbes (National), as well as the reputed left pillar of Marmande, Mathieu Barres (29 years old), rompu aux joutes de Fédérale.

The recruitment of Limoges (on 14/06/22)

Fouad Boulaghrifa (20 years), opener or backer – Marmande (Federal 1)
Ange Taho (20 years), ailier ou center – Espoirs Oyonnax (Pro D2)
Luca Gruttadauria (20 years old), Belgian-Italian back, ex-Italian U18 international-Espoirs Nevers
Cory James Whakatihi (25 years old), 2nd or 3rd line New Zealand – Rennes (Federal 1)
Teddy Stanaway-Teo (32 years old), center ex-All Black U20-Tarbes (National)
Mathieu Barres (29 years old), left pillar – Marmande (Federal 1)
Kaden Duguid (24 years), second Canadian line – Peyrehorade (Federal 1)
Johannes Petrus Jacobus (32 years), South African founder-La Seyne-sur-Mer (Federal 1)

A limp recruitment that was proud and that may not have been completed yet. These reinforcements also include a dozen contract extensions (Margveliani, Buisson, Serra, Chabrier, Vea, Glenisson, Lachaux, Conio, Estevenet, Touraud, Vieira and Brun). Proof thathe will have to count on Usal next season.

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