Rugby / Pro D2: Who will be the SUA opponents for the 2022/2023 season?

After the loss at Stade Montois to Perpignan in the dam, Sporting Union Agenais now knows all its opponents for next season.

At the end of the barrage match against the Top 14 teammate, the Harlequins Perpignanais Sports Union (Usap), losing in the Pro D2 final, the Montois Stadium, was the last visa for the 2021-2022 exercise. compost.
Grâce notamment to a great match of international français Melvyn Jaminet, author of 26 of 41 points of the son équipe, l’USAP s’est maintenu in the Top 14 (41-16). Despite a great start to the match, Mont-de-Marsan was not able to hold on in the second act (0 points scored).

Less than kilometers to travel

Once upon a time, the SUA was going to travel through the hexagon again. And not just a little. However, the Lot-et-Garonnais will have to travel less than kilometers last season to challenge their fifteen opponents. In the previous edition, they had built the 6,140 -kilometer baggage that they will now have to make a total of 5,855 kilometers. Well understood, we only talk about kilometers going. Supporters who climb the hexagon to go and support their protégés will be admired by the country from the end of August.

Travel trips have a long extra 500 km

Eight displacements are over 500 kilometers. The longest will be at Rouen (788 km) or on the Massy side (690 km). He will also need to be patient to go and encourage the SUA in Oyonnax (692 km), Grenoble (642 km), Vannes (600 km) and Nevers (567 km).
The protégés of manager Bernard Goutta will have to find solutions far from their bases. Last year, they had recorded only one success abroad, it was in Narbonne. The RCN being released Nationally, the SUA will be forced to impose elsewhere if it wants to do well in this new pro D2 season. To that end, the Agenais will try to break points during many moves on the Mediterranean arc.

Return to Aguilera

After rising to the Top 14, Biarritz Olympique is back in the second division. The SUA will therefore return to the warm atmosphere of Aguilera Stadium, located 240 kilometers from Armandie. The opposition in Mont-de-Marsan (about a hundred kilometers that separates the two prefecture cities) is almost like a derby office.

The derby against Montauban

Finally, as this season, the shortest travel of the season will take place in the neighboring district of Tarn-et-Garonne for a confrontation against Montauban. A poster that will be a real derby between lot-et-garonnais and tarn-et-garonnais neighbors.
Finally, to cover these oval irregularities, the UN will also travel to the Toulouse suburb to challenge Colomiers.
As for the schedule, he will still have to wait a few days before the National Rugby League unveils.

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