Rugby: Palavas-Lunel in Cuxac and Saint-Africa

After a short-lived first season following Covid, the Palavas-Lunel Cooperation covered the chicken matches before stepping on the floor in the final phases. After an initial failure in Cavaillon, CPLR 1 handed over the pendulums on the return time and secured its access to Federal 2 while providing Pézenas on the way back and forth. She was followed by a win over Monaco. CPLR 2, for its part, outscored all its opponents in direct elimination matches. Figeac, Monaco, Riom and Rion-Morcenx folded in the face of hereditary youth.

Demi and quarter final on the menu

The only club on the national level to see its two teams qualify, the CPLR hoped to play its two meetings on Sunday at 3pm on the same ground to allow supporters to attend both meetings. Disappointed the FFR did not respond to their request. On Sunday at 3 pm, the Poquet-Jourdan-Bouladou reserve will therefore head south to Cuxac-d’Aude in the semi-final Excellence B to face Saverdun, third of his group with 6 wins and 6 losses. So little advantage for the Héraultais who will have an eye on the match against Jacou-Mauguio, which they could find in the final, against Aix-en-Provence.

At the same time, the Garriguenc-Notolan-Kinan commando will head north in a quarter-final that announces a very open face against Grenade-sur-Garonne, first of its round. 17 wins, 1 loss for the Maritimes in a chicken match, 12 wins, 4 losses for their opponents, all left to do!

The deaths of the XV will also follow the meetings between Servian-Boujan already in Federal 2 against Bizanos and the dam between Pézenas and Rivesaltes. Struck by one point in the POs, the Fishermen must take two points to join the CPLR and Servian in Federal 2.

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