Rugby: OVR clinches a place in the final of Series 4

the essential
Ovalie-Villecomtal-Rabastens 32 prevailed against the Catalans of the Côte Vermeille in Aegean (32-13).

On Lavelanet’s aristocratic plains, with a canicular temperature, the best won largely in agility, speed, enthusiasm and rigor. Everything doesn’t start, however, with good hopes for future winners. Taken to the brink by the most prompt Catalans in the hot spots, faults accumulate, the back of the Coast, Hanss, passes the penalty (0-3, 7th). It would have taken Gersois a quarter of an hour to put up another image with an action that flew following the lift over 90 meters of the Vrignaud River. After one meter of the line, two groupings followed and the lucidity of the 3rd line and Captain Soulan to mark the test (5th (3rd, 16th).

The Gersois put out the fire, Barrau’s back was back 5 meters from the line, a strong time compensated by a penalty from Cazenave (8-3, 22nd). The Catalans reacted, classic attack, Hanss intercepted the test and transformed (8-10, 27th). The game goes from one camp to the other but it is back Gersois Barrau who concludes after a kick to follow in the goal where he retrieves the ball in the nose and beard of the Catalan defenders. Cazenave transforms (15-10, 33rd).

The rush of the third-quarter center, Senac, for the Gersois’ third attempt. DDM Angel Cavicchiolo.

Leading the way, the Ovaliens Gersois see their advance based on Hanss’ penalty (15-13, 43rd). If you are alert to the prize in the account, the coup d’accélérateur de Soulan et ses équipiers va changer le cours du match within minutes. Cazenave passes the penalty (18-13, 49th). At the turn, the three-quarter center Senac concluded by overflowing an action over 60 meters where the accuracy of passes between teams was prevalent. Cazenave transforms (25-13, 51e).

I have 30 minutes left to play, but the break is done. The Catalans are dangerous, very close to the line at times, but the defensive and especially disciplined wall worn by the Gersois is fine. Better yet, they stretch one last time under their poles, a step to follow for a stroke of grace through the legs of the three-quarters, Begarrie. A fourth try under the poles that transforms Cazenave (32-13, 82nd), validates an extensively deserved final ticket.

“You have to go find this shield”

Romain Soulan, 3rd line and captain of Ovalie Villecomtal Rabastens: “We had it back on the score, we had it on defense, it’s the envy that counts today. In the first half we make it a little too easy, and we make mistakes. Then, backwards , they make a big match, they defend well. Now it’s the final, you have to go find that shield, we’ve come so far, complicated matches and get there, it would be fabulous “.

Christophe Roucau, coach of Ovalie Villecomtal Rabastens: “Sa isang trembled at times, we wanted their strong point, the pack, but we managed to overtake their organization. We put our speed, very brave in defense, I’m proud of the boys.”

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