RUGBY: On the gong for history

In terms of match or scenario worthy of a film, RCA accesses for the first time in its history at the Federal 2.

With a 7-point delay on the display board after the off-road match against Maisons-Laffitte, the Amiénois get the best start on their opponents’ field: they score quickly by Bamière sur a penalty within 22 m after a good first move (0-3, 3 ‘). In the foul, the Mansonniens get a 30m penalty which turns into a penalty in the 22nd after having to retreat from 10m to win. But the local scorer rates the poles (6 ‘). It was then a hard stroke just before quarter -hour with O’Neill’s injury that had to leave his RCA teammates then well into the match (13 ‘). It does not disturb the Amienois who visit Maisons-Laffitte to take a white cardboard on a fault on the floor (15 ‘). This superiority is quickly confirmed by 3 new points (0-6, 17 ‘).

But the Yvelinois responded and returned to the match, even at 14 (3-6, 21 ‘). Just before they meet at 15 vs. 15, Amiens rates an opportunity on foot in the 30 m on the side (25 ‘). Then on a hot action and after a rescue 5 m from its line, Bamière does not come out of the ruck and take a carton (31 ‘). On the penalty, Maisons-Laffitte is equal (6-6, 31 ‘). Inferior, the RCA will have one last chance at this end of the first period, but will die several times right in front of the line. At the break, the score is therefore parity (6-6) and Amiens must still make up for his 7-point deficit of the match going.

The return of the dressers sees the Mansonniens struggling to enter, still taking advantage of their digital superiority over an interception in the 22 m asynic, followed by a force test (11-6, 43 ‘). More the Picards will quickly monopolize the balloon to take the upper hand physically. They will then be compensated by Grenet who has just concluded under the perches a good movement (11-11, 55 ‘) then 11-13 after the Bamière transformation. Less than ten minutes later, Prevost, on a relay, transcends the defense and then becomes tall Tsomondo who finds himself on the Puche wing who after having won his duel to face off goal (11-18, 62 ‘). The test will not be changed and the two teams will therefore meet perfect equality in both matches.

The last minute where everyone jumped…

Dominers, the Samaritans will shoot at the French defense, then end up punishing themselves. On a penalty in their camp, the Yvelinois find a very nice touch in the 22. After a long series of physical challenges and several hand-held penalties, they finish in the RCA goal, in the corner (16-18, 74 ‘). Friends no longer have the choice: it must be branded again. A period of amienoic dominance then follows, but does not conclude, at least once, in the image of this balloon lost 2 m from the line a few seconds from the end. But when Maisons-Laffitte wants to disintegrate, her half-heartedness is counteracted by Gentienqui get ready to apply in the corner. He then defeats the two teams perfectly in both matches (16-23, 80 ‘). Under one enormous pressure and in a delicate position, Bamière transforms and sends the RCA to Federal 2 (16-25) !

A historical climb for Amiens who has reached his goal and assumes his ambitions.

Maisons-Laffitte-RCA : 16-25 (6-6)-Match aller: RCA-Maisons-Laffitte 16-23

RCA : Scellers -Tramon -Macrez -Waeyaert -Legrand -Danhiez -Tsomondo -Grenet -Bamière -Derquenne -Carpentier -Schlachter -O’Neill -Puche -Prevost
Replacants : Saintomer – Scheenberger – Meunier – Puille – Gentien – Sueur – Tripogney

Aurélien Finet
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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