Rugby: Ntamack, Retière, Brennan … why will they be at Passage this Sunday?

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The championship de France is hosting a fait étape au Passage over the weekend. In the semi-finals, the Stade Toulousain and défiera l’Union Bordeaux-Bègles. The Haut-Garonnais had arrived at the end of the UNIT last Sunday.

This is a beautiful rugby poster that will take place this Sunday at the Passage Rugby Stadium. The demi-finale of the championship of France Espoirs will se déroulera, in part 15 heures, at the Stade Toulousain and l’Union Bordeaux-Bègles.

The Haut-Garonnais, tenants of the title, conceded only five defeats this season. In the quarterfinals, they are about to eliminate SU Agen (30-22). Several players who had already evolved with the first team were on the field: Ian Boubila, Joshua Brennan, Théo Ntamack, Paul Mallez, or Edgar Retière.

Against the Toulousains, a Bordeaux-Bègles team will present with only four defeats this year. UUBB eliminated La Rochelle in the quarter-finals (22-13), and there were several players alongside the first team that were at the meeting: Pierre Bochaton, Jean-Baptiste Lachaise, Matéo Garcia, Gastien Masse, or the Louis Bielle-Biarrey carpet. Agreed supporters will also be able to discover the half of Carl Compagnon’s melody, announced very close to the SU Agency next season.

The Passage stage should therefore be filled for the occasion. For others, the ASP organized its general assembly on Thursday, June 9 at 6:30 pm at the club house of the Théo-Roland stadium, avenue de Verdun. Financial, moral and sports reports will be announced in particular, as will the approval of accounts and the presentation of next season’s budget.

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