Rugby. Neo-Zealand airline Joe Ravouvou engages in two years with Oyonnax

It is a weight gain that will join the oyonnaxien effect. The haut-bugist club announced this Wednesday the arrival of Aier Joe Ravouvou, from the Around Bayonnais, for the next two seasons.

By July, Bayonne player Joe Ravouvou (1, 90 m at 105 kg) will be officially Oyonnaxien. The 32-year-old Neo-Zealander of Fijian origin will strengthen the effect for the next two years. This well-earned CV has had some glorious moments in rugby VII, with more than 100 selections with the New Zealand team and especially a World Cup victory, in 2018, where he had been the best player ever. and tournament marker.

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38 matches and 12 essays with Bayonne

In the world of rugby at XV, he excelled in the provinces of Auckland and Bay of Plenty, before joining France at the Bayonnais Around, with which he spent a season in the Top 14 and then in Pro D2 (38 matches and 12 essays inscrit).

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