Rugby – L’entente Montceau -Digoin (U 14), grand maître de Burgundy – Franche -Comté

Over the course of the season, they have practically won everything. Fourteen matches, three wins (only one defeat in Dijon), then this Saturday, on the turf of the Jean Bouveri Stadium in Montceau-les-Mines, the RCMB and Digoin (U 14) players partying with the dossard of favorites in the two.

They were not disappointed and, in particular, ravi Frédéric François, their coach whose last appearance on the turf.

The organization of these final phases of Burgundy Franche-Comté was entrusted to the Rugby Club Montceau Burgundy with the morning of meetings between the teams divided into two groups and in the afternoon, in terms of results, a division of clubs into three pigs, high, average and low.

The RCMB team-Digoin winners of these first two encounters, 37-0 against RC XV Charolais-Chagny-Couches and then 15-12 against Lons-Louhans, will be in the high pit.

Almost a formality for the young pousses and the protégés of Frédéric François. They won 24-5 against the Buxy-Cluny delegation and atomized the Is-sur-Tille-Langres 31 to 0. The meetings were held at 15 (mixed team) in two to eleven minutes.

The season therefore ends in apotheosis for the Montcelliens and Digoinais. A very nice reward with this title of champion of Burgundy-Franche-Comté.

Jean Bernard


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