RUGBY. Internationaux tests. Summer of all dangers for Italy

Even if she beat the Welsh in Cardiff last March at the end of an incredible match, Italy has not cleared away all doubts regarding her presence in the Tournament. She has chained six oak sticks (2016 to 2021 and recorded only two wins in the last eight editions). The debate on the subject is lively and many are those who are calling for an ups and downs with the first of the “Six Nations B”.6 Countries. VIDEO. Italy. With an EXCEPTIONAL relay, Ange Capuozzo was Cardiff on the gongBy playing three of the best nations in this Tournament B (Russia and Spain miss the call), the Italians are therefore exposed to serious criticism … Especially if they are aware of the defeat! In the case of net and precise victories over these three opponents, it will be said that Italy is legitimate in the main competition of European rugby. On the other hand, if she proves difficult or worse if she is beaten, the debate will be intensified and the idea of ​​ascent and descent will return to the forefront of the stage.

What program for Capuozzo and his teammates?

On June 25, the Transalpins will face Portugal (20th in the world rankings) first at the Lisbon Clock Stadium. A historic match for several reasons: for the first time, a men’s test match will be decided by a women’s quartet and the two teams have not clashed since … fifteen years and the 2007 World Cup (victory of Italy , 31-5). Recall that in twelve confrontations, the Lobos carried it once (9-6 in 1973) to a zero (0-0 in 1972). After Spain’s disqualification for the 2023 World Cup, Patrice Lagisquet’s men can still hope to qualify for the World Cup through barricade matches. They will have the heart to show that they have progressed and that they can report the Italian scalp after having clashed with the Japanese last November (defeat 25-38).RUGBY.  International.  Why will the Portugal-Italy match be history?RUGBY. International. Why will the Portugal-Italy match be history?Six days and a half, the XV Italian will play against Romania (17th world nation) or the Stadionul Arcul de Triumf in Bucharest. The enclosure is quite small (nearly 8000 places) but the reception risks being hot. The Chênes have not beaten the Azzurri since 2004 and since the end of their golden age (mid -1990s), the Carpathian players have clearly passed behind the Italians in the European hierarchy. But in the midst of adversaries who boast about themselves, Squadra Azzura will have to be too solid to take over (in 42 matches, l’Italie won 23 times, in Romania 16 and there were 3 matches nuls). Facing Lors de leur dernière, during the 2015 World Cup, Italy had defeated Romania by ten points: 32-22 at Exeter.FLASHBACK.  When Romania was a major power in international rugbyFLASHBACK. When Romania was a major power in international rugbyFinally, for the final stage, Ange Capuozzo’s teammates will travel to Tbilissi to face Georgia at home. The two nations are very close in the World Ranking: Georgia ranks 12th while Italy ranks 14th in the world. The two teams only clashed twice for two Italian victories… in Italy: 31-22 in 2008 noong 28-17 in 2018. This time, the task of the Azzurri is announced to be very complicated, because the Lelos are rugged opponents and will be transcended from playing in front of their audience. The Causalians have never beaten major nations even if they were once very close as against Ireland in the 2007 World Cup (losing 10-14 to Bordeaux). The opportunity is beautiful to show that they can finally cross this wall and possibly replace Italy in the Tournament …

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