Rugby in Saint-Malo: XV Corsaire takes its independence from the Jules-Ferry Circle

On the eve of the rise of the Saint-Malo club in Federal 2, it changed its name. Exit CJF Saint-Malo Rugby, the club s’appelle désormais of XV Corsaire Saint-Malo Rugby. © Archives/ XV Corsaire/ Johanna Martin

The will of Saint-Malo rugby club to fly its own wings had been announced in November 2021. In a letter addressed to its “partners, licensors and friends of the XV Corsaire” last weekend, the president of the XV Corsaire malouin rugby club Guy Vilon an annoncé la exit of the Jules-Ferry Circle giron clubacted since 1eh June 2022:

By present, I inform you that CJF Saint-Malo Rugby no longer exists and is leaving its place at XV Corsaire Saint-Malo Rugby. Nevertheless, it is still the same people, you already know, who will live this new identity.

Federal 2, next season

The president is back on an exceptional year for the club that has just completed a historic championship course – it has gone until the 8th finals – and has won its place in Federal 2:

Our year on the fields was a success, our fanion team finished in the eighth final of the French Championship and will play in Federal 2 next season.

“Desire for independence”

“In parallel, according to Guy Vilon, the club’s leaders are also active so that the club becomes a club as a whole, an independent club, free of all its choices, of all its decisions. »

The president explains this:

This desire for independence is linked to our willingness to evolve quickly but also to the fact that we want to enroll in the highest level of amateur rugby over a long period of time. The club is more and more structured with salaries, alternatives, young people undergoing training.

To secure the future of the club, “a working group has been created with the town hall and the Directorate of Sports to improve our daily lives and our infrastructure, for the first time at the Hippodrome.”

“We will do everything to win a maximum of victories”

The président du tout récent XV Corsaire Saint-Malo Rugby concluded:

All these fabulous moments forcibly appeal to others. Next year will not be as simple as this year but we will all have to start a maximum of victories on and off the field. We are already working to find new actors who will take part in the positive dynamics of the club. We look up to you all to continue to support us, to accompany us and to grow together. Always faithful!

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