Rugby/Honor: Sévignacq in demie on a thread

The Gersois dominated the first shocks but it was Sévignacq who blew the whistle with Larroudé who escaped a little behind his mix and gave Anos-Pellehigue and Poletti the touchdown (5-0) against the Bleus a bit take speed.

Mauvezin reacts, taking the game to his account. On a nice attack on the left, Sévignacq fights well and starts a big field. Unfortunately for him, the gersois worker takes Cazaux full of iron and has to leave the senses. The Gershonites are somewhat destabilized by this incident and the barbaric pressure. Masarotti sends a penalty kick in goal and then lifts a penalty of 22 m. He bounced back in the 17th (5-3).

The battle is intense ats tous les rucks, les Bleus perturbent la fluidité du jeu. So after a stepping off Larroudé received but was perched by Cadéot, who shot a yellow. Finally, on a 5m penalty shootout, Mouret and his pack cross the line at Anos-Pellehigue transform (12-3 at the break).

It will be Biscarosse

Again, the intensity does not fail. In a group of over 30m the Gersois rolled, Anos-Pellehigue punit (15-3). A first alert comes from the Puyané fringe on a beautiful fortress near 22 m from Sévignacq, danger finally removed. But the second alert is sanctioned when, on penaltouche, the Gersois pack is marked by Bouch (15-10).

Sévignacq takes the lead with his scorer in the 50th (18-10). Then, on a rampage, it was Mouret, like a three-quarters, who flew to you to me with Anos-Pellehigue who crouched in promised land (23-10). As time passed, the Gershonites again resorted to attack. Some serious faults put these projects in jeopardy and the referee gives a penalty test in the 80s.

Fortunately for the ESVG, the match was played at Anos-Pellehigue on the return with the ball in touch to send Sévignacq into the semi-finals. Match that will be played against Biscarosse.

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