RUGBY: Friends in Federal 2

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Pouring out its last match of the season, the RCA traveled to Maisons-Laffitte to turn off the steam and access federal 2.

The beginning of my time is rhythmic and the Amienos are showing up painfully. But they don’t come to mark a failed test every time near the line. So it’s a scorer’s duel that counts with a score of zero 6-6 at the break.

In the second period, Amiens piqué between (11-6) will react with two tests to equalize on the whole of the two matches (11-18, 65 ′). Locals will return thanks to a corner test after a long series of force (16-18). On the gong a transformation test offers qualification

Laffitte Houses – RCA : 16-25 (6-6)

RCA : Scellers -Tramon -Macrez -Waeyaert -Legrand -Danhiez -Tsomondo -Grenet -Bamière -Derquenne -Carpentier -Schlachter -O’Neill -Puche -Prevost

Replacants : Saintomer – Scheenberger – Meunier – Puille – Gentien – Sueur – Tripogney

Aurélien Finet

Photo Credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazettesports

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