Rugby. France. The needle for Melvyn Jaminet, private tour in Japan?

This Sunday, Melvyn Jaminet made a very special copy in front of Mont-de-Marsan and was one of the great artisans of the USAP victory in Mont-de-Marsan. His club is still in the elite, the 22 -year -old will now be able to turn to the future and next season at Toulousain Stadium. But before that, the player could very well play a match with the British Barbarians against England, before flying for Japan in order to compete in the national tour with the XV of France. Yes but there it is, it could be that the French international (11 selections) is not traveling to the land of the rising sun. And for some reason, as revealed at the end of the meeting and in words repeated by Rugbyrama, Jaminet, a victim of a shock to his right biceps, may be forced to declare package.

To those who attended the demi-finales, to the comments which passed. I know he will have a meeting with British Barbarians next week. I’ll see if I can do it. I’m waiting to pass the exams for my arm […] I took a stroke at the level of the right biceps. In the heat, we don’t feel great.

As a reminder, Jaminet failed to miss this access barrier in front of Mont-de-Marsan, due to a knee injury. The next few weeks should allow us to see more clearly. That would, in any case, be a huge loss for the tricolor staff if he had ever gone from his retirement.

RUGBY. Jaminet, red card and intensity, Match Access ignited social networks

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