Rugby / Federal 3 (Barrage accession). The victory but not the climb for The Angles

Aux Angles (Roger-Pages Stadium) : Les Angles bat XV de la Dombes 34-15 (15-9). Score to go 15-39.

Referee: M.Marboh (PACA).

Points for Les Angles: 5 tests Danne (17th, 52nd), Cherbétian (40th), Bonnafoux (41st), Bonnet (76th), 3 transformations and 1 penalty (10th), Joly.

Points for XV de la Dombes: 5 penalties (7th, 12th, 29th, 47th, 71st) Gérard.

Yellow cartons: Barriol (29th) at Angles; Sulpice (19th), Garampon (40th), Cuisinier (75th) at XV de la Dombes.

Carton rouges: Martel (38th) at Angles, Yamanjian (38th) at XV de la Dombes.

LES ANGLES: Litzler, Cherbétian, Auguste, Grangier, Martel, Bonnaure, (m) Joly, (o) Daux, Vellaine, Raynaud, Tudela, Danne, Bonnafoux. Then Pigeaud, Deurrieu, Laurent, …

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