Rugby. Eric Mercadier (ex-Pamiers) breaks the silence

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After keeping silence since his departure from the SC appaméen (Federal 1 then National 2), Eric Mercadier resumes the floor. Ibuhos ang dire sa vérité at the moment to read a new page of his rich coach history, in Chateaurenard (Federal 1).

The day after the SCA’s victory over Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze, Eric Mercadier had learned that he was no longer the SC general manager arrested with immediate effect. After long weeks of silence, time to “dig in”, the former coach of Saverdun, Blagnac, Castelsarrasin, Castelnaudary, FCTT or Verfeil breaks his silence to evoke his departure from Algeria and his new challenge, at Château (Federal 1).

Have you commented since you left SCA?

Everything that has happened has been complicated. When you remain in the misunderstanding, in doubt, it is complicated. I did not expect me. It took me a while. When it came to me, I asked myself the question of knowing if I had to stop, what I was going to do. Me, rugby, I don’t travel like that. I tell myself that the values ​​of rugby no longer correspond to me. Ibuhos moi, rugby, it’s sharing, trust, respect. There, I understand nothing. I tell myself that rugby, those mentality, no longer corresponds to me. I was away from the final phases as if the club was going to die if I did the final phases when I had been building everything for two years.

Then there was a salvage phone call.

I have a friend, a selector from Serbia, who called me and who invited me by his side as an attendant. He insisted and I said yes. In fact, it made me a pretty fool. Between the two final phase tours, they were not at home by ruminant train, and I found the taste of the land. I have met men listening, with a lot of gentleness and eagerness to learn. Moreover, in a win in Bosnia, là où ils n’avaient never won. I found it a pleasure to train, to share. I told myself that my message had passed again and that I could not stop. I also exchanged a lot on social networks with the present of Châteaurenard, against whom I played. He calls me to understand the situation and tells me that he is rebuilding the club and that he is looking for a manager, a coach. He suggested something to me and it went like that. It’s more a human story than anything else. It’s a complicated challenge because they share completely from zero with young people, a small budget, values ​​that I like. I then set out on an adventure.

You also indicated that you wanted to go to train elsewhere than in Occitan.

Mine for nothing, I have done no bad for clubs in Occitan. Put me in the saddle, I wanted it somewhere else. I failed to go to Brittany, in the Paris region, I had no bad proposals. I would not have been afraid. This is an important, family and sporting remake. You are out of your comfort zone. Either you arrested me, or you sent me completely in question.

Have you taken a step back and reflected on your management style after you left SCA?

When it comes to you like that, you tell yourself that you did something that didn’t go away. But I am like that, entirely, sometimes excessively. I am always honest and I tell myself, why will I change. Everywhere I went, I had results. I also question myself but to myself. Or I am sorry or I am not sorry but I am always left to myself. I will stay to myself, I don’t know how to do that.

This is a new adventure that is coming up.

I always look ahead, I remain positive. I don’t want to make the buzz. There have been perverse alliances, of betrayal, that is an obligation. Yes, you just have to bring back the truth. I arrived in Pamiers and if he hadn’t had the Covid crisis, the club would have gone down to Federal 2. In two years, we went up to National 2. Everyone will have their own idea of ​​things. We can love the character or not, love the way he speaks, or not, we can’t please everyone. The only truth is that of the land. We go straight, not a straight climb, with the best defense of the championship, all mixed up, that’s what you have to look at. Anyone can have their opinion but I am not an air center director. A club manager must have results. Credibility depends on the results. To be loved by everyone is something else. Me, I prefer to be loved as detested but the most important thing is the result. And the trick to say what the players are, is a boat trick. It’s too easy. Yes, there are 4-5 players who shouldn’t like me because they had to feel that they weren’t part of the project, that they were at the end of the race, that they took more money in Federal 3 than National. Yes, maybe, but we can’t do anything anymore. Plein called me and I thank here all those who sent me messages, certain players, but people from all over the Asia and beyond. These messages of support really pleased me.

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