Rugby: end of adventure for Mauvezin

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La Renaissance Sportive Mauvezinoise slipped Sunday into the quarter-finals of the France Honneur championship against Sévignacq (17-23).

Captain Jérôme Clermont’s Renaissance Sportive Mauvezinoise had a very bad start to the match against the Béarnais of the Sévignacq Vallée du Gabas (ESVG) Entrance, scoring too fast (1 minute 30) a first round try by the “green” fly speed Poletti.

Unfortunately, in the 11th minute, Mauvezin’s “yellows and blues” will lose half of their opening with an injury that will somewhat disable the game at Captain Clermont’s men’s feet.

The Gersois retaliate and receive penalties that will not pass, even if an attempt is made to “penaltouche” that will come out on goal, so he will have to wait until the 19th minute to see Cassajus pass his penalty.

The RSM could not push the good adverse defense against DDM Michel Arroyo

For several minutes, the Béarnais keep the Gersois in their camp and end by dating a maul that will fall into the goal of the RSM carried by the talonneur Mouret (41st). With the transformation the break will be reached on a score of 3-12 in favor of the Béarnais.

In the resumption the RSM tries to close the lines but the adverse defense does well to pass a new penalty in the 46th minute.

With courage the Gersois come close to the goal line of the “green” and the experienced replacement runner, Bouch, will mark the first try of his team.

unfortunately, the players of the Béarnaise Entity regain their territorial dominance and sign a new penalty before their third attempt signed by their back Pellehigue who will exploit the same balloon lost by the Vergéurs de Facial.

At this point the score will be 10 to 23 in favor of the ESVG, but the Mauvezinois will have a good jump to try to force the passage, followed by a succession of adverse defense fouls they will get the penalty trial. between the poles.

The score will be taken in proportions plus decents (17 to 23) from today.

“Very disappointed”

During the speech prize of the coach and the president, disappointment was seen on the faces of the players of RSM DDM Michel Arroyo

During the speech prize of the coach and the president, disappointment was seen on the faces of the players of RSM DDM Michel Arroyo

The RSM coach, factory Vergé, was appreciated “very disappointed” because the team made a lot of mistakes in the choice of game and hand, but the fact of losing too quickly on injury the half -opening Capdeville disrupted the usual game of the RSM who could not put in place his game and in addition played several minutes to 13 vs. 15, but the coach said he was proud of the beautifully accomplished season and he would have to grow even more for the next.

President Lionnel Carrère was also very disappointed to say the same thing and did not recognize his team at times or the choices and playing options did not allow scoring before, leaving the dominance to a beautiful Béarnaise team. The group will certainly be strengthened to cross positions for next season in Federal 3.

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