RUGBY. DEMI-FINAL. Is Castres a favorite against Toulouse for the first time?

For the first time since the installation of the singles, Toulouse will face Castres in the final, having finished less well -ranked than their opponent. In 2010, 2012 and 2018, Toulouse uses a systematic finish above the CO or ranking, before finding a barrier or semi-final of the championship. In first place, the Castrais arrive with a status to assume, etc., paradoxically against the two -time champion France in title.

TOP 14. A Toulouse vs UBB final? Impossible according to this statistic!

Like good tennis players, Toulousains and Castrais return to the ball when the question of the favorites to meet them is posed. Ugo Mola and Pierre-Henry Broncan, the main coaches of the Stade et du CO respectively, did not assume status in the quelques jours de la demi-finale. “If they want to pass for the little ones, it will be complicated“, the former explained by referring to Castres. Response from the principal interested without calling:”Everything has already been said, read and written about this formidable team. She is threatening in all areas of the game“. While the verbal jokes were going on a few seasons later when the two teams clashed, the two protagonists did not challenge each other.

It is a team that is always there and I find that its level of recognition is always relatively certain in a city of 40,000 inhabitants. When I see the boxes being made on the 8th or 9th of the championship, Castres is first and there are no boxes. However, they deserve much more attention than what is being said about them. They have an executive in the middle, he will fall apart as usual and to hope for victory he will have a big Toulousain Stadium.

A ball everywhere in the center. No one will endorse the favorite habit for this semi-final premiere. Ugo Mola, and a good disciple of Guy Novès, and they do not praise Castres. While Pierre-Henry Broncan is enshrined in the refrain where the Dupont, Ntamack, Marchand, etc., are constantly adored. The Tarnais, known to be the losers of the big scales in the final phase, are being watched closely. Toulouse, unpredictable thanks to its shell, is also capable of all about an lightning action and an anodine balloon that terminates on target a few seconds later.

RUGBY.  Look no further: it is Castres who will be the champion of FranceRUGBY. Look no further: it is Castres who will be the champion of France

In the collective imagination, it would thus be tempting to consider the European most -titled club as the natural favorite. But with the fatigue accumulated throughout the season (European Cup, title frames with the Blues), injuries and brand absences, a game perhaps less flamboyant than last year, and a coriax opponent meeting and knitting , for once perhaps, it is the “small” Castres that will be considered as favorites over the “big” Toulouse.

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