RUGBY: Déborah Blatnik, a new COCB sports educator apprentice

The club welcomed him and is looking for other apprentices.

The Mille Club will likely be available with the presentation of Déborah Blatnik, the new apprentie educatrice sportive of the COCB. She will replace Luigi Turisini who will join the Espoirs de Bourg team in Bresse.
In his speech, Sébastien Gros, in charge of the club’s development, recalled the importance of bringing together actors to better present themselves, get to know each other. Déborah Blatnik, who has a 35 -hour contract with the club (including courses in Macon) is already a BPJEPS APT (Activities for All). She will spend her BPJEPS rugby this year and will participate in the activities of the City of Creusot as well as the ARL’XV rugby school.

As for the school of rugby, a change is expected to take place soon on the COCB’s steering committee, since Patrick Raynal will replace Michel Cusant as head of it.

The COCB is looking for apprentices

“Training is a profession and we can no longer, as before, put in front of people who are not trained, do not have a degree.” at iginiit ni Patrick Raynal sa ensuite évoqué la difficulty in finding apprentices to train young people. Comments supported by Sébastien Gros: “First, the COCB would like to keep Michel Desbrosses, who got his BPJEPS at the club this year. But there are still two or three positions available, so if young people (between 16 and 24 years, eligible for an apprenticeship) are interested, I invite them to contact the club, we have needs. “

If Déborah Blatnik, a “foote” or rugby

Si Déborah, who will work essentially under the responsibility of Teddy Herniou, in charge of the school of rugby, for 21 years. She was born in Creusot and lived in Saint-Symphorien de Marmagne. Loving the sport and making the best days of the Marmagne Women’s football club, it is all natural that, with her STMG backpack in her pocket, she joined the STAPS sector. This year, through Creusot Défi 2000, she has already obtained her BPJEPS APT. She is now going to specialize in going through a BPJEPS Rugby to, why not, become a women’s rugby reference term.
For the time being, Patrick Raynal handed him the club’s T-shirt, symbolizing his entry into his new formation.

Christophe Bouillet

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