RUGBY – Clément Bamière: “It’s magic!”

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Author of the conversion of the win on the gong, Clément Bamière, half -opening amiénois, returns to the heat on the climb of the RCA in Federal 2 and on his victorious kick.

You did it! You are in Federal 2

Yes, it was a crazy trick, we were there for it! We don’t want to have any regrets at the end of the match, we have to give everything. The match was tough but nothing was left until the last minute to go looking for this access. That, one can say that ‘we have gone to seek it at the end of ourselves!

You mark the transformation of the win: what do you feel?

It’s a crazy trick but I’m not the hero of the match. It just compensates for the work of the whole team. Today, I still take a carton because I don’t get out fast enough with a ruck, but the guys have their hold on 14. Behind, we dominate, one is solid and lucid. It takes a test at 5 minutes at the end but we don’t panic and we plant one on the wire. Behind it, I turn it into a win, it’s magic!

What do you think at the moment to stop this process?

Cette’s situation, I dreamed it over and over again… If you don’t think so, your study implies abstraction for yourself and my concentrer juste sur moi. Finally, I put it, it’s a crazy trick …

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Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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