Rugby: Bread on the floor for the new passing sports staff

The new leaders unveiled last Thursday at the AG the coaches of the 2022-2023 season. Alexis Neisen and Ludovic Gilard managed the AS Passage fanion.

Ludovic Gilard, you are back at ASP, a club you have known, a club where you are your brother, your father. What impressions?

This is a new challenge coming back to bercail with a first team to train. There are goals to be achieved for ASP so that everyone can enjoy it, starting with the youth. I have an identity: it’s the game, it’s the development of the player, it’s the pleasure of coming to rugby, to training, on Sunday, it’s all about working well obviously. Objective number one remains the competition and it goes through the game, the detail. Faudra cravacher. I am persuaded that the players will adhere, will excel and the goals will be achieved.

Alexis Niesen, you climb the Garonne for a sporting challenge in 30 years. Comment on voyez-vous cette mission?

My vision of this mission is that the players of the AS Passage benefit from every moment, to work on the detail, to make them take advantage of my experience in order to facilitate their conquest sectors that are the mix and the touch , to launch a dynamic throughout the effect to progress, evolve well and shine this season with the best possible results. The objective will be the qualification.

Nicolas Marie, you join the passing staff. Your work axes?

The idea beyond the physical prefecture is to carry my quality of osteotherapy. From there, I can work on no bad leaks, it is also to integrate a senior staff all over the place to gain experience. NB: Leaders work together to convince a back row coach to be a reserve team.

Sébastien Gilard, a former AS Passage player, you remain in charge of the forwards of the reserve team.

It’s good to find values. I especially look forward to finding the essence of the AS Passage that has been lost for some time. Many injuries have restrained us from our ambitions and some players are not invested. We have experienced difficulties in finding a normal effect. We need to recruit and rebuild a group. I want to point out the work of last season’s coaches who did a great job.

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