Rugby: Bigourdans results in quarters and quarters

En Federal 3end of adventure for OBRC eliminated by Salanque Cote Radieuse, 80 to 30 (!).

The Usage ended too hard to return to 16 to 16 at the end of the regulatory period and impose 22 to 16.

En Honneurend of adventure for Pouyastruc beaten by Sète, 19-23.

En PromotionMaubourguet made the cut by beating Landes champion Mimizan, 29-17 while Magnoac took the lead over Vic-en-Bigorre in the Upper Pyrenees derby in the quarter-finals: 24-13.

En 1st series : victoire 21-10 pour Tournay contre Châtillon.

En 4th seriesOvalie Villecomtal Rabstens leads the semi-final 32 to 13 against the Catalans and will compete in the final!

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