Rugby at 7: Fanny Horta honored in her hometown of Bompas

The city’s municipal rugby stadium is now named after Fanny Horta, a seven-time international rugby player and runner-up in Tokyo.

Seven-time Olympic rugby runner-up Fanny Horta, bompassenque, was honored by the city. Indeed, recently, Laurence Ausina the mayor and his municipal council welcomed the captain of the France 7 rugby team in the presence of his family, friends, supporters and leaders of the rugby world. It was the Bompas XV rugby school that wore a hairdo of honor for the one that would give its name to the city’s municipal stadium. After tracing the history of the stadium, recalling the names of all the presidents, leaders, players, volunteers of this emblematic lawn, Laurence Ausina proudly called, on behalf of the city, to baptize the stadium in the name of Fanny Horta. The president of the school of rugby, Philippe Guiter took the first steps of the vice-Olympic champion within the club, without forgetting to highlight his dedication to his commitment to youths from the age of 3 and transfer them values ​​of this sporting discipline. Fanny welcomed the news with a lot of emotion and is proud to represent her city through its national and international competitions. A beautiful fresh handball athlete, performed by street art artist Diips, and a plaque commemorating this baptism was unveiled.

A number of personalities attended the ceremony: Alain Doucet, Vice President of the French Rugby XV (FFR), Jean Romans, President of the Department’s Olympic and Sports Committee and Senator Jean Sol.

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