Rugby. After the departure of its president, what is the future for the Pamiers Club (National 2)?

the essential
On Friday night, during the general assembly of the called Sporting-Club, Jean-Philippe Sannac will confirm his resignation from the presidency. What will become of the team just promoted in National 2, the rugby school, the training center? The future is blurred. Inquisition mounts.

The same discussions, the last appointments of the last hours have not changed anything. Jean-Philippe Sannac will resign from his post as president of the newly elected Sporting Club. It will be official this Friday night, from 6pm, Balussou space, during the regular general assembly of the SCA. By Wednesday afternoon, many observers thought Jean-Philippe Sannac was “bluffing. This is not the case. An ordinary assembly that becomes extraordinary in view of the circumstances. Because the departure of the president opens a period of total uncertainty.

That will become the young, main concern

It is possible that Jean-Philippe Sannac was delivering them at the AG de vendredi soir. So it is Alain Dubiau, general secretary of the Damiers, who is supposed to lead the boat. How is all this going to go? “There will be the balance sheet of all sectors of the club and a small financial balance sheet, since it is an ordinary assembly. A deed of resignation from the president will then be obtained and the renewal of the bureau will therefore be called. In summary, will there be anyone who will nominate his candidacy for the presidency? If the answer is negative, Alain Dubiau will oversee the management of the association for fifteen days, when a new general assembly is convened. That’s decisive. And, if there was no name coming out of the hat, the SCA could then put on a nap, at least. It would be a catastrophe. “There is no possibility of guarding or anything else,” continues Alain Dubiau. You have to go fast, very fast. The precision is not too far away. Since this Wednesday, coaches and players have been protected from the situation. Sporting, what is going to happen? The SCA was informed that it could, “given the exceptional circumstances”, refuse the climb to National 2 and therefore split to Federal 1. “It will fail if we take our position by Friday. But with who is at the head of the club? With what players? With what budget? Questions and, for the time being, no answers. There is an urgency. Players need to be informed to decide their future. The SCA is the first team, of course, but so are all the youngsters. The rescue mission is underway. “Everyone is waiting,” said Michèle André, head of the 203 graduate high school rugby with women. I’m preparing two scenarios, I’m thinking about how to limit costs. It traces me. I try to think of everything so that all these young people can continue to play. I know I’m not going well. The SCA plays a very, very important social role. All this could be stopped the next day. This is what bothers me. »

Anything can slip

Inquisition does not fail. The juniors, the cadets, the hope team, the women (sports side), all the actions taking place with school institutions and many other projects, all now write with a point of questioning. Stéphane Simon is, along with Romain Boscus, the head of the all new Damiers training center (second season recruitment managers took place last Saturday). He also wants to save what can be. “President Sannac has run the club alone for years but, today, that is no longer possible. It is normal to ask for the support of external partners. But, at Ariège, it’s complicated. For several years, hyper interesting things have been put in place, such as youth training. In less than a year, we have already reaped the fruits of our labor. If you have beaucoup alternatives, go ahead, as well as beaucoup plus compliqué. We, at the training center, are still projecting on the future. There are a lot of projects at the head, and that don’t cost much money. It is absolutely necessary to be able to save the training center. Living is very important. I repeat, in less than a year of operation, we have had very, very good results. And the center has been labeled in less than 6 months. What never comes. If it all stops, it all stinks. The SC called it is not only sports but also social relations. Studies, from athletic performance to employment, young ariégeois can follow a 100 % ariégeo course. Everything is connected. If the structure on the top collapses, it is the whole building that collapses.
Without President Sannac, what is the future of the Sporting Club? Happy is the one or the one who has the answer. This Friday night’s general assembly may bring some answers in this sea of ​​uncertainty.

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