Rugby. A recurring championship, FFR leaders demanding time … how does the new Federal 3 shake clubs

Amateur rugbymen will have a boost at their 2022/2023 championships. As announced in our columns a little over a year ago, the French Federation has prescribed a new formula from next season, as a result of Covid and the creation of two intermediate and semi-professional levels between Pro D2 and Federal 1: the National (which has existed since 2020) and the National 2 (which will be born from September).

As a result, the entire pyramid of amateur rugby competitions has metamorphosed, with 10 levels instead of 12. “At the regional level, many leagues operate level gatherings by lack of clubs and that was” Patrick Buisson, vice -president of the Federation in charge of amateur rugby, will visit CS Vienna this week. “Normally, in a pyramid, the base is more important than the top ….

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