RUGBY. A historic French rugby club in danger of death?

Narbonne is in danger. That is what its president Gilles Belzon says. While the club had to resume training in two weeks, 21 starts in the internship were made against no recruits. Pire. Financially, the club does not currently know any potential backers or new partners. Since 2019, the club has been led by five people namely Jean Ormière, Marc Delpoux, Gilles Belzon, Philippe Campos and Xavier Marco. However, these five people decided last April to resign from the club at the end of the season. The latter is therefore always in search of a reseller.

A situation qui pourraiter entrainer la liquidation judiciaire de la structure. The Racing Club Narbonnais, the highest titles of the French champions in 1936 and 1979 (ending the face of the grand Béziers), and the brand of Walther Spanghero who branded the club de son empreinte. So it is a tricolor rugby bastion that is in difficulty today.

Everyone thinks we are playing a poker liar, that we are politicizing the debates But not at all. I just want you to tell me, today, how are we doing?“, warns Gilles Belzon at L’Indépendant. The Audois club could even” disappear “according to him.

At the beginning, we say, well, we are going to explain things calmly, saying that we stop at the end of the season and that we are looking for resellers. Not seen by people. Then, the mountain grows in our communication. Staff encore. So now, yes, I am an alarmist.

There is no one to take over the club. staff. We were not called, nor even consulted. In town everyone says there is such a person, and another, but it is false. In contacts, c’est faux (…). And if there is no one, in three months, it is the judicial liquidation that we are waiting for.

If we have no real reserves, I will resign from my duties this Thursday. I am in a crisis and I tell myself that my time is up. We have a board of directors this Friday but I don’t expect it to be revolutionary, the most important people will not be present. I’m not angry with anyone, I’m just sad for this club that I love so much.

The team coached by Julien Seron and Brice Mach, for now, is reviving its athletic ambitions at the bottom, while waiting to be financially fixed. Goal maintained in National, instead of thinking of a possible rematch in the second division. Because the young people of the team and the Hope will be contributing throughout the season to pay off the many starts.

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