RUGBY: A beautiful gift for Vincent Masseret, the president of Saint-Firmin

The club wanted to thank him, as well as his partner.

This Sunday, Saint-Firmin players and volunteers offered a gift to Vincent Masseret and his partner Sophie Rodrigues. Vincent has been president of the club for 6 years. He keeps the club at bay with his partner and vice-president Dominique Duband.
Vincent has known two titles as a player, he has been licensed to the club for 18 years. To thank them for their dedication throughout the year, the entire club offered them a trip to Portugal as well as various souvenirs including a gold book signed by everyone. The family spirit once again resorts the club, for many Sophie is a second mom even if she prefers to say that she is a little sister !!

It was Captain Mathieu Meunier who first gave a short speech in honor of Sophie and Vincent, followed by Morgane, a volunteer at the club and organizer of the surprise. The whole staff, players and volunteers insisted on thanking and expressing their gratitude.

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