Rudy Gobert, the Jazz extremely gourmand for a trade

For several weeks, he says the Utah Jazz could begin a reconstruction this summer. Thus, rumors have multiplied concerning a possible trade of Rudy Gobert et/ou Donovan Mitchell. But last but not least, it’s the French that seem to be on the market.

But at what price? Logically considered as one of the NBA’s best defenders, the interior won’t be braded for the Salt Lake City franchise. On the contrary, the Jazz leaders are visibly extremely gourmet on this file!

According to an anonymous official in West, Utah at the same time “asking for astronomiques”.

“They want to get a player of the caliber of a star, a young talent and picks. They may have only one in the final, but they will ask for multiple picks,” he said for The Heavy.

So far, only one team seems ready to formulate a package that “fits” the expectations of the Jazz: the Atlanta Hawks. According to the Bleacher Report, they could offer John Collins, Clint Capela, Kevin Huerter and the #16 pick.

It remains to be seen if Utah can show itself suddenly by this supposed proposal. Meanwhile, corridor noise continues around Rudy Gobert. And a start, even more complex at the moment, embodies a real possibility.

Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, a fracture still present?

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