ROLLER-HOCKEY: Fourth place for Squirrel girls in N2

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At the weekend, the women of the Scorpions share fourth place in the final of the N2 France Championship.

The Amiénoises finish fourth in the final of the N2 French Championship. In the semi-final against Bordeaux, they did not come close to scoring and were tilted. 6-1. The next day, face to Angersthe score is no longer the most severe and the bronze medal their file between the fingers, with a defeat 8-1 against the Angevines. There are no regrets for the Amienoises in this competition which faced tougher opponents.

The Squirrels did not turn brown and had some good performances this season. They will now enjoy training to end the year and return in full shape next season.

Third place for the Regional team

At the end of the Final Four at Veillère, the regional team finished, meanwhile, on the third step of the podium, behind Camon et Valenciennesafter a first defeat, rather closed, against the Valencianos (7-5).

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