Rink-hockey (N1): Ergué Gaberic did not have the weapons to counter the last exit of the champion

End of season at home, at last game at Brockus for Albert Masoliver, the substitute goal, promotion title to author of a no -fault. But most of all, it was the evening of the crown, the presentation of the trophy symbolizing the title. The SCRA did not miss, the Breton adversary was outdated.

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The madness that has plagued the Audomarois since last week, titled when it only had two encounters to play, was delayed during the week, the time to recharge the accusations. One could have thought that the evening was going to be delicate, so the organisms were solicited but it was with their usual seriousness that they launched into the encounter. Ergué Gabric resisted, a little, and fell under the blows. Llisa first benefited from an offer from the Roux (1-0/5th). There is no need for anyone on the following (10th).

He felt contracted, a player, and his triple showed no one (17th). There was a world of distance between the champion and the visitors, who will play next year in D2. Ergué took another blow to the head when Cuenca added a unit (26th). The party had just recovered in thirty seconds. There was a little rehearsal, as if Saint-Omer was raging. But the Sarabande resumed with intensity, Hermant concluding a long possession (5-0). Llisa adds her touch, consolidating her position as the top scorer in the championship. The best was to come, the presentation of the trophy, the tenth Audomarois title. « But don’t forget, rappela Fabien Savreux, happy coach, the six French Cups and the three Supercoupes. He can be proud of his group.

SAINT-OMER-ERGUE GABERIC 6-0 (3-0) Llisa (5th, 10th, 17th, 42nd), Cuenca (26th), Hermant (39th) for Saint-Omer

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