Relance du hockey dans la province | Hockey Québec prepares for the «revolution»

(Saint-Hyacinthe) “The ball is in our camp. Jocelyn Thibault, director general of Hockey Québec, is now in the turn of her federation to organize the “revolution”.

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Jean-François Téotonio

Jean-François Téotonio
La Presse

Hockey Québec held its annual general assembly on Saturday at a hotel in Saint-Hyacinthe. He questioned the report of the Quebec Committee on the Development of Hockey, formed by the Legault government and chaired by Marc Denis.

The document, the early start, suggested months of 190 pistes of solution for the hockey relancer ats la province. His focal point: “take pleasure seriously”, or make sure to “put young people in the center of priorities”, said Marc Denis.

The latter confirms the remarks of the DG of Hockey Quebec.

Me, all I want is to take the ball to the bond. Hockey needs leadership. And leadership, it’s up to you to take it.

Marc Denis

Minister Isabelle Charest, particularly in charge of leisure and sports, said she “agreed” with the recommendations in a video pre -recorded and broadcast at the beginning of the rally on Saturday.

But the parliamentary session is just about to end. At the return, Quebec will be in electoral period. Therefore, we cannot expect any major decisions, financial or structural, to be taken here at the beginning of the next hockey season in the province.

That said, Hockey Québec is already planning on “concrete actions” for this summer. Among other projects, he wants a “national mobilization campaign.”

“One issue that bothers me a lot is the psychological security of players and players,” Jocelyn Thibault points out. La Presse. All the stories we heard this winter, the racist, homophobic, the acts of aggression… We lack some financial means, but we would like to make people aware at the provincial level about it. »

“It must be the self, we strike.” That has to change. »

So the big pans of the “re -invention” desired by Hockey Québec will not fall apart immediately. It should wait, says Yve Sigouin, the president of the federation.

“He understands the political situation. […] For our part, we are going to work. There will certainly be things on which we are going to work all summer. As soon as the government comes to power, we will be ready to work with them. »

“Federate all players”

Ibuhos si Marc Denis, we must all make sure that the report is not sidelined.

“For me, there is a big difference between taking the time to analyze what we put away and the tablet,” he explained in an interview with La Presse. There is still a lot of material. In a large ratissé. »

The president of the Quebec Committee on the Development of Hockey had announced the big lines during his presentation. He wants “more players and players.” He wants to “keep them longer.” In addition to “providing a better environment”.

The detention rate was returned to the first level several times during the morning. Too many players quit hockey after adolescence, a mistake to play.

Yve Sigouin wants to “unite all hockey players in the province.” To make sure you have a “high to low relationship”.

The solution could also go through university hockey. There are only three men’s Quebeco teams (UQTR, Concordia, McGill) and three women’s (McGill, Concordia and Montréal) on the current network. Which created a “brain drain” exodus to the American NCAA.

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Marc Denis, president of the Quebec Committee on the Development of Hockey, and Isabelle Charest, Minister of Sports

“On trouve qu’il ya un trou là”, explained Marc Denis.

“The goal is to possibly have a university league,” said Stéphane Auger, head of development and hockey operations at RSEQ.

This is one of the most important recommendations on the financial plan announced in the report. Could such an investment be a brake on the application of this idea?

“It depends on what level they want to apply,” Auger points out. […] But the interest is there. »

“Ideally, this would be as soon as possible, answering questions about a potential culprit. À average term, certainly. At the beginning of the déjà à travailler à ce niveau-là. »

Ibuhos Yve Sigouin, “boots must follow the pigs” at the government level. A notion shared by all.

“It is certain that there will be businesses that will not see the day,” concedes Marc Denis. In ne frappera pas pour 1,000. It’s impossible. »

Is he disappointed that the recommendations have not yet been put forward by the CAQ?

“There is no disappointment yet,” he said, “before showing a sharp smile.” They can be repaired in a year or two. »

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