RC Nîmes pre-season press

The 2022-2023 season of National 2 is getting ready. And if the RC Nîmes players have not yet returned to the path of coaching, Steeve Calligaro, the club’s president, and Guillaume Aguilar, a new coach, are already active to achieve the club’s ambitions. The message is clear, Nîmes wants to find a place in professional rugby.

The president reveals his ambitions: to play in the top 6 of the championship next season and climb to the top level in the next 3 years.

The task will not be simple. We will play next season in National 2, the new stage of French rugby corresponding to the 4th division.

To achieve his goals, Steeve Calligaro put on former Mâcon coach Guillaume Aguilar. If the staff changes, the impact will be stable.

13 of the 15 finalists from the type team of the last exercise will still be waiting next season.

Nîmes still holds his highlight in the person of Pierre-Gilles Lakafia.

The waterfall is impressive, he won two Brennus picks before playing 9 years with the French team at 7. He will therefore find the game at XV next season. But for now, it’s holiday time for players. The return to training is scheduled for July 4, 3 months before the start of the championship, and September 4.

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