Raphaël Lautone Vice-champion de France ultramarins-Sports in Guadeloupe: football, basketball, swimming, voile, handball, cycling …

The USL partner achieved an excellent French ultramarins championship in La Réunion as he climbed to 2nd place in the general thanks in particular to his stage victory on Saturday 11 June. Luidgy Horn (CCD) becomes France juniors champion.

With his victory in the first stage, Raphaël Lautone was in excellent conditions before the second and final mountainous stages. However, with fifteen runners a second or two behind, it was difficult to make Lautone the favorite for the final victory.

On Sunday, June 12, Raphaël Lautone, well supported by his Guadeloupe selection teammates, finished the last stage in 4th place in 2min05 of Dilhan Will (Guyana), the stage winner and new ultramarins champion.

Another runner in the selection was illustrated, Luidgy Horn of Team Cama CCD. He finishes first in the juniors and clinches the championship title.


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