Ralf Rangnick after Africa’s zero against the Whites: “Two points lost due to stupid behavior”

Ralf Rangnick, the African selector, after the zero (1-1) match against France on Friday for the 3rd day of the Nations League: “It’s very simple: why do people play football? Even when we are a little boy, whether it is on a football field or elsewhere? Well, not because you take pleasure in it. Sure, they take pleasure in it. But first and foremost, we take pleasure in it because we want to win. We were close to victory and we let it escape. We lost a point against Denmark (1-2) being stupid on an adverse franc. And today (Friday), we lost two points due to stupid behavior on our own free kick.

“I’m not satisfied with the result and I think many of my players aren’t there anymore.”

I know we made a good match. I know we played against an excellent opponent, who also improved a lot compared to his previous two matches. We are waiting, but in the end, it is always about winning matches. That’s why I’m not satisfied with the result and I think many of my players are no more. And they shouldn’t let anyone tell them that we could be satisfied with this match, with this result. We can be satisfied with our game during long sequences, but no one can suggest to me that I should or that I should be satisfied with the result. »


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